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The Condo Sales Intelligence Platform For
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The tool for Miami real estate agents To close & procure More Condo Deals

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Quickly analyze and compare sales data, ownership information and unit distribution between multiple condo buildings. So you can focus on what you do best

Email notifying user of new sales

Stay up to date with off-market sale alerts

Instead of having to check the MLS or Property Records, we will notify you of any new sales in your favorite buildings. Including off-market sales.

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See who the big players are in different submarkets or buildings. Our ownership tools will help you identify trends and patterns among top owners.

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View pricing or book a call with sales to learn more. Your time is valuable, so you can either schedule a short introductory call to see how we can streamline and improve your workflow, or a full demo.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Condo Cube, and how can it benefit real estate agents in Miami?

    Condo Cube is the leading condo intelligence platform to help Miami real estate agents, investors, developers and other real estate professionals to close & procure more condo deals. We have a refined database of on-market and off-market condo sales data for Miami-Dade county and provide tools and solutions tailored to compare condo buildings, streamline condo investment valuation, procure buyers and sellers for condos, and ultimately increase Miami condo deal closures. With Condo Cube, you can expect to procure more condo listings and close more condo deals in Miami-Dade County

  • How does Condo Cube help in closing more condo deals?

    Use our platform to find the top buyers and sellers of condos in certain buildings and submarkets, easily view their entire condo transaction history so you know who to pitch and how to pitch your condo listing . Compare historical sales data and unit info in multiple buildings so you can quickly identify what buildings and units will provide you or your client with the best returns For more information on how the platform will help you close more deals visit this page

  • Can I try the platform before committing to a subscription?

    Yes, you can browse any building and get a feel for the interface and how the platform can benefit your real estate business in Miami without even making an account.

  • Is Condo Cube suitable for individual agents or larger real estate teams?

    Condo Cube is designed to cater to both individual agents and larger real estate teams.

  • What kind of market insights does Condo Cube provide for real estate agents in Miami?

    Condo Cube offers market data, including pricing trends, ownership analysis, and property valuations. This valuable information empowers agents to make informed decisions, stay competitive, and adapt to the dynamic real estate market in Miami.

  • Where is the data on Condo Cube sourced from?

    Our platform gathers sales and unit information directly from Miami-Dade Property Appraiser. So it includes off-market condo sales and more accurate data.